Founded in 2012 and located in the heart of the Negev, the community of Sheizaf is fulfilling the dream of settling the South, carrying forward the ideals of Israel’s founders.

A sustainable and tolerant community, encompassing both religious and secular ideals, Sheizaf represents a shining example of unity in bridging social gaps and connecting all residents with a shared passion.

The Negev Desert constitutes over 60% of Israel’s land mass, yet only 8% of the population reside there. As the only area in Israel today where new communities are still being established, it is central to the country’s growth and development, an idea at the core of the Sheizaf ethos.

A pioneering spirit
With 15 families currently living in trailers, this resilient, inspiring community is fast attracting more residents.

Bursting with enthusiasm and drive, Sheizaf’s members come from all walks of life. Many are working to directly make an impact on the land, creating a sustainable and flourishing landscape for future generations. The attraction to Sheizaf is evidenced by the waiting list of families wanting to join them.

The community needs infrastructure to support their growth. Education is a top priority and the community plans to establish a pre-school, a school, a synagogue and a university transition program. Expanding on temporary housing and establishing permanent facilities will enable more young families to settle in Sheizaf.

Helping Sheizaf flourish and grow

JNF’s Campaign will raise funds to be directed towards landscaping, additional housing, access roads, recreation areas and community facilities for this inspirational pioneering community.

With your help, an even brighter future for the people of Sheizaf is now within reach.


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