The Jewish National Fund of Australia (JNF) is a prominent and trusted communal organisation, raising funds for life-changing, environmental and social welfare projects, while maintaining a tangible link between the Jewish People and Israel.

Today JNF Australia is working to ensure that the people of Israel who live in the underdeveloped periphery of the country, particularly in the Negev, can also share in the Jewish State’s success story and ensure its ongoing sustainability.

JNF Australia is a separate entity and independent of JNF organisations in other countries, including in Israel, where it was reorganised as an Israeli company under the name ‘Keren Kayemeth LeYisrael’ (KKL) in 1953. They are linked, however, by a shared history, emotion and mission and work together to further their mutual purposes and objectives.

“JNF is an everlasting Jewish fund for the entire Jewish people. It lives and lasts not because of work well done in the past, but because of vital work in the present and, even more importantly, because of the great, important tasks still awaiting it in the future.”

David Ben-Gurion