JNF Stories

JNF has been a part of the Australian community for over 60 years, and our impact has been felt from the very young to the very old. Starting in Kindy where the concept of Tzedakah is taught by placing a coin in the Blue Box on Shabbat to donating trees in honor of parents who walked door to door collecting Blue Boxes, to leaving a gift in a will to keep ones legacy alive, JNF is an integral part of the Australian Jewish community. Through JNF old friendships have been rekindled, shidachs have been made and new lifelong friendships formed at events and tours.

We are collating personal JNF stories. We’d love to hear how JNF has impacted your life.
Email info@jnf.org.au to share your story.

Celebrating a Journey of Faith

Marianne Stern

JNF Youngest Blue Box Collector

Jesse Traub

A Match Made in Blue Box Heaven

Tziona and Jeremy

The Powerhouse Behind the JNF Seniors Division

Sheila Lazarus

Love on a JNFuture trip

Alina and Marco