Supporting the Children of the Ukraine –
Nes Harim Field and Forest Education Centre

JNF Welcomes Jewish Children from Ukraine

KKL-JNF Nes Harim Field and Forest Education Centre (FFEC) has opened its doors to 84 Jewish children ages 2-12 from Ukraine accompanied by their caretakers, who number 56 adults.

Traumatized, and with little more than the clothes on their backs, the Jewish children crossed the Ukrainian border to Romania, walking part of the way in below freezing weather. They were then met by a member of the Israeli consulate and flown to Israel.

Nestled in the hills of Jerusalem, the Nes Harim FFEC will provide a safe, warm and embracing haven for the Jewish children, refugees from the Ukrainian city of Zhytomyr. To make sure every child is made to feel at home, and with your generous support, KKL-JNF is purchasing essential items for daily use and suitable play equipment for the children’s enjoyment.

The centre will hold fun educational activities for the children, experiential education during the day, enrichment activities in the evening, and field trips.

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