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At the Schoolhouse, we believe education is a key aspect to helping those in need. We are a non-profit organization that provides education for adult refugees and asylum seekers in Israel who come from a background of limited or interrupted formal schooling. Since 2012, The Schoolhouse has been a pioneer in Israel in providing adapted basic education that fits the unique learning needs of adults from this background, specifically in subjects of English, Hebrew literacy, computer skills and GED (high school equivalency degree) test preparation.

Due to dictatorial regimes, ethnic conflict and unrest in their home countries, most of our students were not able to access or complete their education as children, and typically have low first language literacy skills and lack the basic background knowledge and skills that most people learn through participation in formal schooling. Literacy includes the ability to use language, numbers and images in order to understand, communicate, gain useful knowledge and to use the symbol systems of a culture. Nowadays, literacy also includes digital literacy; the ability to use computers, internet and phones, which we use for more and more tasks. The cost of illiteracy is the continued cycle of poverty, inequality and often – migration. Global statistics on illiteracy underscore the enormity of the problem: together with the 750 million people worldwide who cannot read and write, our students find themselves trapped in a cycle of poverty with ever-shrinking opportunities to support themselves. Without intervention, an illiterate person cannot fully participate in their communities and societies. Giving the gift of education gives one a chance to make a real improvement in their life, and this is our aim, our focus and what we do at The Schoolhouse.


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