Ten Gav – Project BOOST

Through their work with social services departments around Israel, Ten Gav knows how badly youth-at-risk need continuous support.

Ten Gav established Project BOOST to provide ongoing support for this population.

Project BOOST aims to:

  • Empower at risk youth to complete schooling by providing funding for secondary educational needs. This support includes funding computers, academic/psychological evaluations, accessories for vocational courses, and tuition for external courses.
  • Expand the social safety net by providing basic needs to vulnerable teens and young adults. This includes beds, refrigerators and other electrical appliances for those living alone or, in some cases, for those living with their families.
  • Partner with and support social services workers in cities around Israel to help their youth break the cycle of poverty and work to build sustainable and productive futures.

Join Ten Gav in their work with youth-at-risk. Together, we are making a difference, one person at a time.

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