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Photographs supplied by Soroka Medical Centre – pictures taken in 2023

“Build it modestly and make the grounds a healing oasis for the hard-working people of the Negev”

David Ben-Gurion

These were the instructions given to the leadership of Soroka in the 1950’s.

This year, on Israel’s 75th anniversary, JNF Australia is partnering with Soroka Medical Centre to revitalise the grounds of this centre and transform the landscape and outdoor spaces into the beautiful healing oasis that Ben-Gurion envisioned.

Established in 1959, Soroka was a single building, housing only vital medical services for the residents of Be’er Sheva, then a small but growing community.

Soroka is now the largest hospital in southern Israel and the primary medical centre for the 1.2 million residents (including 400,000 children) of the Negev.  It is a strategic asset of the State of Israel and plays a crucial role as THE frontline hospital of the South, treating soldiers and victims of terror.

Inside the project

Three main areas to be developed:

  • The main entrance to provide a beautiful, accessible space for all who enter the medical centre

  • A healing garden at the Children’s Hospital for the benefit of Soroka’s youngest patients

  • A therapeutic and treatment garden in the Child Development Institute where young patients with chronic issues receive ongoing treatment.

Play a vital role in patient recovery for the soldiers and families of Israel’s South 

Current outdoor spaceArtist's impression
Current outdoor spaceArtist's impression

Photographs supplied by Soroka Medical Centre – pictures taken in 2023

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