Jack Klarnet 80th’s Birthday

Jack is turning 80 on 1 January 2023.

In lieu of gifts, he would appreciate donations to the JNF Protective Kindergartens Blue Box Campaign.

About the Protective Kindergartens in the South of Israel:

JNF is raising funds to build protective playgrounds in Sha’ar HaNegev , close to the Gaza border.

The children of the region have only 10 seconds to run for cover in the event of a missile attack. A very real threat – and sadly, often their reality.

With your support today, we can create safe, green spaces for children to play.

These playgrounds will also provide specialised, tactile equipment to give the vulnerable children the freedom to process their deeply embedded trauma.

Your generosity will fulfill a critical need – and create an immediate impact.

Thank you for your support to secure the future of Israel’s South.

Donate to Jack Klarnet 80th’s Birthday Project:
Blue Box Protective Kindergartens

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