Eva Smorgon’s Batmitzvah

Starting with Ari Green, four cousins, Ari and Gisele Green, Eva and Annika Smorgon, have joined forces dedicating their Bar/Bat Mitzvahs to building a project in Israel’s Negev.

The project chosen by them is a Ninja playground. It was chosen because it provides a positive, fun experience for kids.

Ari Green was the first to have his bar mitzvah earlier this year and now they are all looking forward to visiting the completed Ninja Playground in years to come.

Please help support Eva and this project which will make a positive impact on children of the Negev.

About the Ramat Herzl Ninja Playground:

Ramat Herzl is a new community in the Negev, attracting many young families to the region. Thanks to the generous donation of the Bat and Bar Mitzvah gifts, we will be able to build an exciting Ninja playground there.

The Playground will serve all the neighbouring communities in the Pitchat Nitzana area, which includes Kibbutzim, Moshavim (agricultural communities), Religious, Secular, and mixed communities. It will provide a much-needed fun attraction for children and teenagers around the age of Bar/ Bat Mitzvah.

This region has seen unprecedented growth during the past 20 years, from only 3,335 residents in 1998 to 5,794 in 2013 to approx. 8,500 today. As a result, it is seeing extraordinary development and setting the infrastructure for new villages, neighborhoods, and a dramatic demographic increase.

To properly respond to the growing needs of the communities, and to enable the absorption of hundreds of new families to the region, the council is advancing a wide range of projects in education, housing, health services, recycling, renewable energy, tourism, etc., all intended to support the quality of life in the region and enable the future development of the region.

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Ramat Herzl Ninja Playground