Seeds of Hope

Sow Seeds of Hope is a card, handmade in Australia, from recycled paper and embedded with native Australian Swan River Daisy seeds, symbolising the connection between Israel and Australia.

Planting Instructions:

1. Soak card in water until soft

2. Place card on soil in a pot or on the ground

3. Lightly cover with more soil

4. Water well until seeds sprout

5. Germination should take 7 – 21 days

Brachycome iberidifolia (Swan River Daisy)

Indigenous to central Australia, it prefers light to medium soils in an
open, sunny position but will tolerate shade. It Is drought and frost
resistant and very hardy. An annual plant, it grows to a height of 20cm with a spread of 3cm. The stem is lax and finely hairy, with a compact crown; the leaves are light green; the flowers are white, blue or pink and daisy-like, appearing in summer.

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