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In 1901, Theodor Herzl established the Jewish National Fund with the goal of turning his vision, his daring dream, into reality – to create and build a Jewish State, the future State of Israel.

Since then, JNF has developed the land for a sustainable future • supported Zionist and environmental education • enhanced the bond between the Jewish people and our homeland •  ensured a thriving Negev and Galilee • preserved Israel’s natural and cultural heritage • and cooperated with the UN on environmental issues for a viable tomorrow.

Over the last 120 years, JNF has helped establish thriving communities in the harshest environments, propelling  Israel forward as a world leader in afforestation, water management, environmental and agricultural technologies.

In recent years, our mission has been focused on Israel’s southern periphery, realising David Ben Gurion’s vision of developing the Negev. Ben Gurion, believing this region to be vital for the country’s future, stated, “It is in the Negev that the creativity and pioneer vigour of Israel shall be tested”. That statement continues to be true today!

WHY: The Negev is a National Priority. The Facts.

  • Most of the population remains concentrated in the country’s centre resulting in limited affordable housing for young families. Although the Negev covers 60% of Israel’s land mass, it is home to only 13% of its’ people.
  • Development of its southern periphery provides Israel with strategic depth. This is reflected by the IDF’s recent relocation of key bases to the region and its close partnership with border communities.
  • Due to the harsh conditions, Israel’s desert region has become an incubator for the development of sustainable farming, energy, water recycling and other key technologies. These will help power the country’s economic growth into the future.

WHAT: Ramat Herzl. A New Community.

This year, in tribute to our founder, JNF Australia is supporting the development of Ramat Herzl, a pioneering new community near Israel’s border with Egypt.

Ramat Herzl will form part of an emerging education and technology hub in the Southern Negev. It is located near previous key JNF projects, such as the Nitzana Ecological Park and the Kadesh Barnea Environmental Centre. Once established, this hub will provide employment opportunities for the growing list of young families waiting to join the community and training programs for youth and young adults.

HOW: With Your Help.

Following a successful model for growth, most recently seen in the young community of Sheizaf, JNF Australia will fund the construction of Ramat Herzl’s first neighbourhood. This will house the community’s first wave of families as they await construction of their permanent homes. The neighbourhood will then serve as an ongoing absorption centre for each new wave of residents.

Your valuable donation will establish new housing for 18 families. Funds raised by JNF Australia will attract matching government funding for community infrastructure and services, ensuring its continued growth.

Thank you for your ongoing partnership with JNF Australia.  With your support we are continuing to grow Israel’s future – our future – in the Negev – leaving a mutual legacy for generations to come!

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Together we are providing a brighter future for Israel’s Negev communities and realising
Ben Gurion’s vision