Ofakim is home to both new and old immigrants. Since its formation in 1955, as a “development town”, its residents have endured severe economic disadvantage.

Yet, in spite of the challenges, the families of Ofakim remain more determined than ever.

Supporting Israel’s future
Israel’s government and the IDF have signed an ambitious program that recognises the vital role of the Negev in determining Israel’s long term future, given its strategic importance and the need to relieve population pressures in the centre of the country.

As the major partner in this program, JNF has taken on the responsibility of sustainably developing the South by not only supporting emerging communities, but strengthening long-standing ones like Ofakim.

The primary goals of this project are to make it easier for families to remain in Ofakim and for newcomers to help grow the town, so it can finally realise its founding vision of expanding the Negev’s population and serving as a regional hub.

Time for the city’s potential to be realised
Situated between Ofakim’s commercial and residential precincts, the renewal of the Vatikim River Reserve is a critical part of these exciting initiatives. Despite its huge potential, the reserve has been neglected for decades and is a sad reflection of the city’s poverty.

With funds raised, JNF plans to transform the reserve from its highly neglected state into a park with walkways, bike trails, recreation areas and playgrounds.

What’s more, it will provide safe passage between the new Ofakim central train station, the city centre and residential neighbourhoods currently being created for young, low income families.

The revitalisation of Ofakim is in your hands
With your help, a brighter future for the people of Ofakim is finally within reach.

The renewal of Ofakim will help improve the socio-economic conditions of its residents, lift their morale and enable the arrival of new families.

It’s all part of our long standing commitment to creating a more promising future for Israel’s south.

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