JNForever NSW with Adam Dostalek

Come hear our guest speaker Adam Dostalek, an award winning film director and producer.

Adam has directed and produced documentaries for ABC, SBS, 7 and 9. ‘It Takes a Village’, ‘Ride like an Anzac’ and ‘One in Six’, showcase Adam’s commitment to evocative and human focused stories.

In 2021 Adam and his business partner established Live Differently Productions specialising in socially impactful filmmaking. He is currently producing “Beyond the Divide”, a powerful and thought-provoking documentary which delves into the complexities of interfaith relations and the ongoing struggle against racism and discrimination.

Date: Tuesday 12 September, 2023
Time: 10:30 am
Cost: $10 cash
Location: Bondi Junction

To book please email info@jnf.org.au or calling the office on 9389 5466.