Zac is the education lead for the new organisation CHS. It is a not for profit community organisation, with the aim to train community members to a basic standard level of first aid, and plans to expand the volunteer network to assist in the community.
The initiative is a response to the worrying reality that less than five per cent of Australians have the ability to help others in an emergency situation.
Zac was part of the Kenya 2017 who worked with the Miti Mingi Village health clinic and Aberdare Ranges primary-school in Nakuru, Kenya to promote public health through education, mass health screening and population interventions planned collaboratively with communal leaders.
Back in year 12, Zac was 1 of 100 students across the country who were awarded the prestigious Pierre de Coubertin Award by the Australian Olympic Committee for sportsmanship and leadership qualities equal to those of Olympians.