Tsur was born in Or Yehuda, Israel and at age 6 moved to Perth with his family. Tsur’s parents made an intentional decision to not be involved with the Jewish community in Perth, but Tsur found his way to the community and has been committed and involved ever since. He spent a full year in Israel in 2020 and that’s what got him excited to join Habonim Dror in 2021. He is currently the Federal Gizbar of Habonim Dror Australia (Federal Treasurer). Beyond his constant involvement at Habonim Dror, in April this year he opened, together with 4 other friends and fellow Habonim Dror volunteers, Moishe House in Perth. Our organization wasn’t actively looking to open in Perth, but this group knocked on our door and we were so impressed we decided we had to invest in them and in the young Jewish community of Perth. Tsur was instrumental in making this happen, working with staff at MH and energizing and mobilizing the group. Tsur demonstrated passion, dedication and a clear vision of what they wanted to offer to the Perth community, why they were needed, why a Moishe House would bring value to the community. Tsur also traveled to Belgrade, Serbia, for our international resident training conference, being the only resident from Perth there. He proudly presented his community in front of a crowd of over 100 participants from all over the world and created strong connections with everyone there. Him and the MH residents have been stellar residents, extremely diligent, creative, and above all, caring. The young Jewish community in Perth is certainly seeing that, and events are well attended. They were able to raise over 400 USD within hours, as part of Moishe House’s annual fundraising campaign. Tsur and his other roommates are excited to continue building community in Perth and MH is proud to support them.