Tasin became involved with Bnei Akiva at a young age and consistently stood out due to her enthusiasm, responsibility, and leadership potential. By the time she reached year 11, she became a Madatz (young leader) and led activities for younger Bnei Akiva members.

She continued her journey with the movement and took a Bnei Akiva gap year in Israel. Upon returning to Sydney, she became a Madricha (leader). In this role, Tasin distinguished herself with her dedication, excitement, passion, and commitment to the community.

Tasin decided to step up further by becoming the Sganit, the vice director of the movement. This role involved various responsibilities, including overseeing the Junior group and the Madatzim (young leaders), who are year 11 kids. Tasin successfully recruited many year 11s, nurtured their passion, and prepared them for their leadership roles.

Tasin leads the junior kids, the Junior Madatzim, and the Madatzim with passion, love, and care for each individual. Her enthusiasm and hard work led to a remarkable achievement: the movement tripled the number of junior kids attending weekly activities.

In addition to her role at Bnei Akiva, Tasin’s positive influence extends to the wider community, where she regularly volunteers with Friendship Circle.