Tali volunteered as the Madricha for the January 2023 Taglit-Birthright Israel: ZFA – UIA trip. I was a participant on that trip and experienced first hand the leadership and guidance Tali provided for our group.

I particularly admired how inclusive Tali was to the differing backgrounds and levels of Jewish experience and education the group had. Most of us had not have the traditional Jewish school path and Tali made it her focus to help us still feel connected through thoughtful explanations and help books with transliterated text for the blessing and songs.

Post trip, Tali has made a difference in continuing our connection to our Jewish heritage and community. For example inviting us to a NextGen Zikaron B’salon event; arranging for a group Shabbat dinner at her home; and, most recently, arranging a group Shabbat dinner in a Sukkah.

Beyond organising these events, Tali has demonstrated similar thoughtfulness, such as informing the group of upcoming Jewish holidays, what they symbolise, their significance to Tali, and how she likes celebrating; sharing Israeli music with the group; and bringing back Sukkot table decorations from Israel to use later to explain things like the 4 species we combine on Sukkot.

Tali’s efforts have fostered a recurring connection with the Jewish community. She has dedicated a significant amount of her time, before, during, and after our trip, compounding a rich experience for a 20+ group of young adults now proud to be Jewish and not feeling like outsiders—rather feeling welcomed in the community.

Beyond Birthright, Tali has also contributed to Australian Society through her volunteering in the ShareTheDignity (sharethedignity.org.au), and BeaconFoundation (beaconfoundation.org.au) movements.

All this makes Tali well deserving of this nomination.