Sorella Abrahams, a passionate advocate for community, was born in the UK into a large Chabad family. From an early age, she discovered her love for community outreach, which led her to engage in outreach programs across the UK, US, Israel, and Sydney.
For 13 years, Sorella dedicated herself to strengthening the Jewish community in Sydney. Recognizing the need for additional support and connection, in particular around the hospital system and in Randwick, she founded Abrahams Tent and the Soul Centre in 2022. These spaces promote well-being and spiritual growth within the community. Abrahams Tent supports patients and their loved ones in hospital. The Soul Centre is a Jewish hub in Randwick, inviting all kinds of Jews to join.
As a devoted wife and mother of three, Sorella strives to instill the values of kindness, compassion, and community engagement in her children. Alongside her family responsibilities, she pursues her passions in creative writing and public speaking, using her voice to inspire and uplift others.
Driven by her unwavering commitment to building strong communities and spreading the love and warmth of Judaism, Sorella continues to make a positive impact on the lives of those around her.