Sarah Richmond (age 22) is a co-ordinator of Ayelet HaShachar, who is tasked with facilitating and running both weekly (Friday night Shabbat Services at Habonim House) and annual Jewish events (High Holiday services), with 80-250 attendees. Sarah wishes to foster a sense of community, belonging, and identity among Ayelet HaShachar’s participants who range from youth to seniors. In the last few years, Sarah has been a member of the leadership committee of the youth movement, Habonim Dror, being Rosh Chinuch and Gizbar throughout her time. This involved communicating with different schools, members of the youth movement and the community to promote the values of youth empowerment, social justice and equality. She has also written articles for Plus61J.  Sarah excelled herself as Rosh Chinuch and Gizbar for Habonim in her roles when she was involved with Habonim.