Being a female third-year Engineering and Science student, Samantha has mastered the skills of creative problem-solving, collaboration and resilience. By being a Madricha with Habonim Dror for 5 years, she combines these STEM skills with innovation, communication and critical thinking to impact and make change within the Jewish community.

Volunteering as a leader for Year 11 students with Habonim Dror, Samantha facilitates weekly educational programs and bi-annual camps for Jewish children to access education about social justice, community building and Judaism. She composes enjoyable educational activities using metaphors, games, and text excerpts to help the cohort navigate social dynamics and express themselves without fear of judgment. In addition, Samantha has delivered education, built partnerships and inspired Chanichimot in New Zealand, Byron Shire and Israel through her extensive Hadracha experiences with Habonim Dror.