Sam is an esteemed member of the Perth Jewish community, who has shown an unwavering commitment to serving and uplifting the community through volunteering. He plays a pivotal role in various causes through his active involvement and dedication. Sam’s current role as the Merakez (Director) of Bnei Akiva Perth highlights his exceptional leadership skills, where he voluntarily creates and develops youth activities for the Perth community with great finesse.

Moreover, Sam has also taken up the responsibility of being the Youth Director for Perth Hebrew Congregation (PHC), where he arranges weekly events, as well as festivities like chaggim and other special occasions. In addition, Sam’s contribution to the community as a volunteer Security Guard for various shules through CSG has been invaluable. He recognizes CSG’s significance and is steadfast in his efforts to safeguard the community’s well-being.

Sam’s dedication towards the community is not just limited to these activities. He has also volunteered for the Menorah Foundation, which is the only Jewish charity in the region, adding to the indispensability of his contributions. Sam’s commitment to uplift the elderly has also led him to participate in various activities at the Maurice Zeffert Home, a Jewish-aged care facility. Recently, Sam played an active role in many Zionist camps coordinated by Carmel School, along with his weekly employment for school prayers and other religious activities.

In summary, Sam’s profound efforts in volunteering for various causes showcase his unwavering dedication and contribution to the community, making him an exceptional individual exhibiting remarkable dedication and spirit.