Ruby is an active Volunteer and Ambassador for Will2Live is a not for profit organization that provide basic necessities for people living on the streets of Sydney – in order to help them live a happier life and healthier life, Ruby visits Wentworth Park every weekend. She cooks the breakfast in addition she spends time socializing and interacting with them. This plays a critical role in supporting the marginalized and disenfranchised members of society. These people now look forward to seeing Ruby – putting smiles on their faces. She is doing now in the 4th year.
With the support of her school, Reddam House, to raise a significant amount of money for Will2Live.
Ruby’s initial involvement with Will2Livewas the result of participating in Challah Bake to bring blessing . In this spirit all the additional Challahs were ti be distributed to those in need. As a result Ruby visited Central Station with her Challahs in search of hungry people, where she stumbled upon Will. She was touched by his personal story and challenges , and she recognised his ongoing dedication and selfless commitment to helping others, that felt compelled to become involved – to make a difference in her own way.
This year Ruby has joined the Friendship Circle, a charity that brings people with and without disabilities together to develop friendships through backdrop of fun programs , weekend activities, school holiday camps , getaways and vocational opportunities. Ruby regularly volunteers during school holidays at their Holiday Camp programs in addition she is a weekly volunteer for the ‘ Friends@Home’ program. has teenage volunteers spending quality time with children with special needs in their homes.
Furthermore Ruby has been appointed by Unity Earth to the World Unity Week Ambassador for 2023, her the youngest Ambassador for the organisation. This has involved Ruby appearing at several summits along a group of international guest speakers and dignitaries, throughout this year to present her view on World Peace and Unity as Australian Youth Ambassador and as a voice of the next generation of leaders.
Ruby is also very artistic – she is a winner of the Harmony Poster competition and made a presentation in NSW Parliament at the Prize Giving on her perspective of LIVE.