Rebecca is a year 11 student at Masada College – she feels it instrumental to give back to both her local and the Jewish Community.
She volunteers at the school library, and helps with admirative tasks during her free periods. On weekends she volunteers at Monica’s Doggie Rescue. She spends time at the Jewish offering administrative support – volunteers at JNF Blue Sunday and has been elected by her school to be part of the Peer support, which is an important role to promote volunteering.

She is promoting the important need to be open for the change needed for young people to consider others.
She approaches change by finding small tasks that she could fit into everyday schedule that could help others. Also to recognise that simple acts of picking up rubbish of the street, or volunteering to babysit. Free tutoring for younger children.
She is a person who offers kindness and effort of support, has high morals and a true believer of Tikkum Olam.