Rachel has had a remarkable impact on Bnei Akiva Sydney. Since joining the Madrichim body three years ago, she has made a significant contribution to the movement. Rachel excels at organizing educational activities and forming personal connections with the movement’s Chanichim (participants). She is a dedicated Madricha who is always ready to assist the movement with any needs.

In addition to her leadership skills, last year, Rachel took on the role of Head of PR for the movement, a demanding position. This year, she is one of the four Hanhaga members, the leadership team of Bnei Akiva. Rachel holds the position of Head of Chinuch, responsible for education. This means she plays a pivotal role in planning and executing all the movement’s activities and major events, including weekly activities, weekly Beit Midrash learning, Shavuot, Hoshaana Raba, Bnei Akiva publications, and more.

Rachel is an invaluable team member who works diligently behind the scenes to ensure that the kids learn and grow during their Bnei Akiva journey. Despite living in the north of Sydney, she makes the trip to the east several times a week for Bnei Akiva activities, a remarkable commitment considering her demanding degree program.

Furthermore, Rachel actively participates in the North Shore young adults’ community, a team dedicated to guiding young adults and teenagers in the North through various activities, religious services, and creating a hub for religious young adults.