Rabbi Shua Solomon has made an extraordinary difference to the NSW Jewish community. When he arrived, Bondi Mizrachi Synagogue was a dying community with a greatly reduced membership and very little activity. He has resurrected the community to a dynamic and vibrant centre, overflowing with activity for young and old. This has been an amazing transformation. More broadly, and perhaps more importantly he has brought generational change and a breath of fresh air to the Rabbinic leadership of Sydney. He has now risen to become the President of Rabbinical Council of NSW bringing a fresh, youthful and more relatable perspective to the community’s Rabbinic leadership and giving a greater voice to modern Orthodoxy. Collaboration and partnership are values that have been at forefront of his decision-making, working across shules and communities and breaking divides. He has created new partnerships with Moriah College and reinvigorated the program of young Zionist shlichim to play an active mentoring role in the community through Israel’s Sherut Le’umi and Torah Miztion programs. He has also been the first modern-Orthodox Rabbi in some time to establish a productive relationship with the Sydney Beth Din and has taken on a role in assisting with the interface of the SBD and the community in the conduct of its vital functions. These are but a few of the examples of his collaborative and real change-making initiatives with which he has invigorated our community.