Paris Enten is a dynamic young woman who, in just four years, has made significant contributions to various organisations and initiatives, demonstrating a strong commitment to the Melbourne and broader Jewish community.
As a dedicated volunteer for AUJS (Australian Union of Jewish Students) for four years, Paris’s leadership skills and commitment to nurturing Jewish identity and values among young adults are truly commendable. Her recent role as Federal Vice President played a pivotal role in establishing the South Australian AUJS branch, significantly expanding the organisation’s reach.
Paris’s dedication extends across 22 campuses in Australia and New Zealand, where she has been instrumental in driving the success of multiple initiatives. She has facilitated various events, including balls, Jewish visibility campaigns, celebrations of Chagim and Shabbat, O-week stalls, and numerous social gatherings on and off campus. Her efforts have not only strengthened AUJS but have also boosted the visibility of Jewish culture and traditions on campuses.
On a federal level, Paris organised and has overseen essential events such as the annual Political Training Seminar in Canberra and a Jewish and Zionism conference in Sydney, both of which drew over 55 students. These events provided vital platforms for young adults to engage in critical discussions on politics, identity, and the Jewish diaspora.
Paris has taken significant steps to ensure the sustainability and longevity of AUJS by establishing essential infrastructure, including handover processes and codes of conduct.
Inclusivity and diversity are close to Paris’s heart. She has launched initiatives to empower LGBTQIA+ students within AUJS, including the introduction of queer-phobia reporting systems and the creation of a queer Instagram account.
Paris has also been a champion of Holocaust remembrance, organising a Holocaust memorial event for non-Jewish student leaders, where survivors shared their testimonies. This powerful experience introduced many attendees to survivor narratives for the first time, contributing significantly to Holocaust education and commemoration.
Beyond AUJS, Paris has dedicated years of service as a volunteer board member for the World Union of Jewish Students (WUJS), representing Australasian Jews globally, in response to rising antisemitism.
Paris’s commitment to the community stems from a deep desire to engage and support young adults facing challenges and uncertainties. By removing barriers and providing meaningful support, she aims to prevent the disengagement of young Jews in the community and create a brighter, more inclusive future.
Paris Enten’s multifaceted contributions to AUJS, the Monash Students Association, and WUJS have left a lasting impact. Her leadership, passion, and unwavering commitment to creating a more inclusive and engaged community makes her a truly deserving nominee for the Bnai Brith Changemaker Awards.