Noa is an exceptional young lady. At the age of 22, she has already accomplished so much. She’s currently doing her masters in Biomedical Engineering and Management. She is employed part-time by JNF WA as Legacy Manager, building relationships with senior JNF supporters in the WA Jewish community. She is also involved with JNF Future, a sub-division of JNF, focusing on friend-raising for JNF and connecting the young adults in our community to Israel and each other through social events. She also volunteers as a committee member for JNF Future, as well as a committee member for AUJS. And to top it off, she spends Fridays volunteering at Perth Children’s Hospital with Telethon Kids. Noa was first noticed by JNF for her vocal advocacy on Social media when their was a spate of antisemitism on UWA’s campus 2 years ago. Noa refuted the hate speech and became a voice for the young Jewish adults on campus and she represented the Jewish students by advocating for Israel at a senior level at UWA. Noa is a true leader and Changemaker.