Mordachai is a man of many talents, art, singing, but most importantly kindness. During his last few years of working for an aged care facility within the Jewish community, he went above and beyond his professional requirements. Utilising his G-d given talents which some might use for personal gain, Mordachai directed his towards his flock, those in his care so to speak. Initiating many programs such as weekly music and dance sessions in Yiddish for the elderly clients in the community, he bought back a youth and spring in their steps that many had forgotten they had and a smile to so many faces. He initiated a project called Haus of Schmatte fusing his knowledge of art and fashion with the skill of many of the elderly seamstress and tailors to get them using their once forgotten motor skills in a form of occupational therapy, sharpening their minds and focus.

Mordachai goes out of his way to care for many seniors in our community that don’t have anyone or family to make sure they have a sense of belonging, keeping them company and showing what they have to live for. This is a demographic in our community that is often forgotten about especially those who are not necessarily in the main community. And Mordachai makes sure they aren’t!