Mendy Nutovic’s dedication and involvement in community service are truly remarkable. His volunteer work at the Chabad in Melbourne showcases his commitment to making a positive impact locally. Additionally, his assistance to the local Chabad houses in Bentleigh East further demonstrates his selfless nature and willingness to help others. It’s commendable that Mendy extends his support to various community organizations, including providing kosher supervision of food, which is crucial for maintaining the dietary needs of the community. His role as a volunteer and political activist for the Jewish community highlights his passion for advocating and supporting his community’s interests. Furthermore, his involvement with Chabad outreach in New South Wales and his previous board membership at a local Melbourne synagogue exemplify his dedication to promoting Jewish values and strengthening the community. Lastly, Mendy’s volunteer work and support for the Eden Jewish charity organization showcase his commitment to providing social support and assistance to those in need. These additional contributions further solidify Mendy Nutovic’s deservingness of the Joshua Levi Young Professional Award, as they highlight his extensive involvement and unwavering dedication to community service