The Jewish identifying population of Australia is only approximately 120,000, spread out across a land mass the size of the USA and this is just those who identify as Jews, but what about those who might not know they are Jewish or who might have chosen not to publicly identify as such?

Of that, about 80,000 are based in or around the major cities, 14,000 in smaller cities, and 3000 in larger towns across the country. But what about the remaining 20,000 plus?

That’s where Menachem Aron steps in as Director of Chabad of RaRa, Rural and Regional Australia. On a daily basis, Menachem is directing teams, programs, services, lifecycle events and educational workshops or classes, from as many as 200 to as many as 1 small child, Menchem work’s tirelessly to make sure no Jew is missed or forgotten, from Uluṟu to Wollongong, from Bundanoon to Karratha, and every small place across the land, Menchaem and his many teams drive 1000’s of KM just to bring a bottle of Grape Juice and Challa or some Shabbos candles to welcome the Shabbos Queen or so a little girl can light up her corner of Australia with some spiritual light!

Menachem is ensuring that the Jews who might not have easy access to everything Jewish, do!

A most deserving recipient of the Joshua Levi Award!