Maya is currently ACT Treasurer and Incoming President of AUJS at ANU, while she is studying a Bachelor of Health Sciences. She part of the initial group of students who established AUJS’ presence on campus to reflect the growing Jewish student cohort. Maya felt there was an important need to bring students together given this cohort was particularly impacted by Covid during their final years of school. Maya placed an emphasis on developing a sense of Jewish culture and cohesion amongst students at ANU. One example includes her establishing a weekly shabbat club, which she has secured funding for, where a growing group of Jewish students who come together for Kiddush every Friday night. This is proving to be a very special ritual for students on campus who are often missing their families and feeling disjointed from their Jewish identity. She was in the core leadership for organising the 2022 AUJS ball. In 2021 Maya was responsible for AUJS’ social media. Throughout high school, Maya consistent volunteered at JEMs, teaching Hebrew to young children. Maya will be attending the AUJS LDP at the end of the year and wants to contribute to the AUJS federally. Maya also actively volunteers and is a Youth Leader at the ACT Jewish Community Centre, working with young children running Jewish related activities and contributing to the Canberra Jewish Community. She has a passion for Hebrew and teaches multiple children on a weekly basis. Maya is a humble yet natural leader with a deep appreciation for her community and the importance of giving back. Maya is likely to pursue a career in health-related space given her focus on helping others around her. In my opinion, she is an outstanding candidate for the Young Adult Volunteer award.