Maxine is 15 and in year 9 at Kambala Girls School in Rosebay. She is an enthusiastic supporter and enjoys helping others whilst taking an interest in learning more about her Jewish culture.

Maxine volunteered at the Magen David Adom Fundraiser in August by providing assistance to those attending the event. She supported them with directions and helping hands. The main reason she contributed was in order to give back to such a wonderful cause and organisation as she is inspired by the work MDA does.

For the past 6 months Maxine has been volunteering weekly at JEMs. This program has given her the opportunity to help children improve their understanding of Hebrew and also help them connect and learn more about their religion. JEMs has provided Maxine with the chance to care and look after children and she feels blessed to be able to participate in this program and feels that its “a true building block into my deeper learning of Judaism”. Not only does she support the children whilst they learn and practice their Hebrew skills, but she also supports them in their games, arts and crafts and serves them food as well.  Maxine contributes to JEMs because she believes that the program is so essential to the Sydney Jewish community. “By teaching these children Hebrew we are instilling them with knowledge and love for our culture. I contribute to this volunteer program because I truly enjoy helping the children so very much, and I find it so important. JEMs has inspired me to become a primary school teacher in the future, and this program has gifted me with an abundance of knowledge and experience.”

Maxine is definitely worthy of a youth award for her contribution and the wonderful joy she receives from her volunteering.