Lynzi has devoted her professional career and skill in digital communications to the Jewish community. She joined the Executive Council of Australian Jewry in 2018 in the role of digital strategy manager and was promoted to Director of Digital in 2023. In her time with the ECAJ, Lynzi has led a groundbreaking project to send social media influencers to Israel in order to show the true Israel to mainstream Australian audiences. Online content from the inaugural mission in 2022 yielded over 10 million views on social media which did much to pierce the disinformation and slander directed at the Jewish State. She has also been critical to community efforts to create an online presence to defend the Jewish people in online forums and in producing compelling social media content to enable us to tell our story. Lynzi is a great credit to our community. She is a highly driven individual, generous of spirit, talented and with a fundamental commitment to the Jewish people and our community. We are delighted to nominate her for this award.