Kovi’s involvement with Bnei Akiva began at a young age, and since he was in year 2 he was part of the movement’s activities. As a participant, he consistently stood out for his eagerness, sense of responsibility, and leadership potential. When he was in year 11 he practiced as young Madrich, Madatz and was the Sgan summer camp.
Following his gap year experience in Israel, Kovi’s dedication to Bnei Akiva took on new dimensions. He transitioned into leadership roles, Madrich, where his commitment and passion continued to shine. His journey within the organization exemplifies his unwavering commitment to the movement and its values.
During the last 3 years, in addition to his Madrich role, Kovi was head of camp, head of Minyan, Rosh Limmud and involved in almost any operation Bnei Akiva Sydney run.
In addition, Kovi helped and organised 4 major fundraisers for the movement during his time as Madrich.
This year, Kovi is part of Bnei Akiva Sydney’s Hanhaga- leadership team, has assumed the role of Bnei Akiva Treasurer, overseeing the finances with meticulous care. Despite the demands of this position, he dedicates numerous hours each week to ensure the movement’s financial stability and transparency. He put his heart and soul into the movement and to make sure our educational activity in Bnei is being financially supported.
Beyond his leadership in Bnei Akiva, Kovi’s impact extends to the broader community through his role as an educator at Moriah College. His commitment to imparting knowledge and values goes beyond the classroom, where he works diligently to foster a sense of community and responsibility among his students.