Kobi is an amazing an inspirational Jewish Studies teacher as well as an outstanding Informal Jewish Life Leader at Emanuel School. He has brought informal Jewish Life at the school to the forefront, leading energetic Kabbalat Shabbats, Zionist camps, lively discussions, Israeli song and dance as well as teaching the full high school Jewish curriculum with sensitivity and passion. Kobi has a way of encouraging teenagers to speak their mind, knowing their opinions will be valued. He teaches the children to stand up for what is right and to never be a bystander. He works tirelessly after hours, speaking to Israeli Madrichim through the night, organising programs in Israel and in Sydney to benefit our children. Last year, Kobi made sure the Year 11 students didn’t miss out on going to Israel (Chavaya) because of Covid, so he organised for both the Year 10’s and the Year 11’s to go in 2022. This was something he didn’t have to do but insisted on doing.
Many parents and teachers at the school can testify that Kobi has made a huge impact on their children. The programs that he runs with teenagers, open their eyes and their hearts to Judaism and Zionism. Kobi not only encourages them to be involved in community events like Green Sunday, but he shows example by sitting with them calling people. Kobi was recently thanked for leading a Year 10 camp Ayekah Camp “for his passion, commitment, and organisation in leading.”
Kobi is highly regarded at the school for his dedication to and care of his students, whether it be in his role as House Tutor, dealing with the wellbeing of his students or as a leading teacher, accompanying the students to Israel, dancing and singing in the streets of Tel Aviv the streets and sharing his love of Israel to his students…our future leaders.
Kobi may be my son in law, but I couldn’t be prouder of him, as he juggles his role at the school with being a father of two very young children.