Itamar began his leadership journey within the North Shore branch of Hatzofim Sydney, known as “Shevet Shahar.” Throughout his high school years, he served as a young leader, setting the stage for his continued commitment to the organization and the development of the next generation of leaders.
After graduating high school, Itamar’s leadership journey did not come to an end. He chose to volunteer his time and expertise this year to contribute to the growth and development of young members in Hatzofim. His decision to continue serving the organization is a testament to his dedication and passion for nurturing young leaders.
Currently, Itamar is leading the Year 8 group in their leadership program. This role is critical in shaping these young members into future leaders. Itamar’s guidance and mentorship during this crucial stage play a pivotal role in their development, fostering the skills and values necessary for effective leadership.
His ability to connect with kids of all ages is a distinctive quality that sets him apart as a leader. His approach is genuine and relatable, making it easy for young members to connect with him. This approachability fosters a sense of trust and respect among the kids.
Itamar’s commitment to sharing his leadership experience with the next generation of leaders in Shevet Shahar is a key contribution. He imparts knowledge, insights, and wisdom gained from his own leadership journey, providing valuable guidance and mentorship to those who aspire to follow in his footsteps.
Itamar’s decision to continue volunteering and leading after high school has ensured the continuity of strong leadership within Shevet Shahar, benefiting the organization’s overall strength and stability.
His mentorship and guidance have had a profound impact on the Year 8 group, helping them build the necessary skills and values that will serve as the foundation for their future leadership roles within Hatzofim.
Nominated for a “Young Adult Volunteers” award in the Jewish community of New South Wales, Itamar’s journey exemplifies his unwavering dedication to empowering future leaders within the organization.