Having recently graduated from Emanuel School in 2022, I spent a lot of time during year 12 running the Investment Club which I co-founded. I created this club when a realization occurred that there was a lack of education surrounding the world of finance and entrepreneurship at school and in the young Jewish community. I took the initiative to share my passion with others by providing weekly educational presentations about different topics relating to finance, business, and careers in which I saw the impact that I had on students, shaping their career aspirations.

I was able to invite many top Jewish entrepreneurs to share their stories with the students including:
– Steven Marks, CEO of Guzman Y Gomez ($1.5B+ valuation)
– John Winters, CEO of Superhero ($48M funding)
– Russel Pillemer, CEO of Pengana Capital ($4b+ AUM)
– Gavin Rubinstein, Founder of TRG (#1 Real Estate Agent in AU)

Having left school, I was awarded the UNSW Co-op Scholarship for finance and banking, currently work at Koa Capital – a private credit firm, and returned to the annual Emanuel School career day to share my experiences and inspire students about available career opportunities which was extremely rewarding.

Additionally, after leaving high school, I have worked to improve my connectedness with the Jewish community through volunteering for the Community Security Group (CSG). I plan to continue my journey of inspiring the younger Jewish community through my current and future endeavors.