Dvora Zylberman is a rare example of someone who lives out the values she espouses, every day, and in every way. Strengthening Jewish life through Yiddish is not just a cause she believes in, it is at the root of what drives her professionally and personally. There is in her behaviour no distinction between the two – she brings a volunteer’s passion to work, and a professional’s expertise and attitude to her volunteer roles.

Our community benefits enormously by the energy and ardour that she brings to all that she touches.

As a highly respected, dedicated and awarded teacher with a commitment to furthering Yiddish language and culture she dedicates countless hours at all levels at Sholem Aleichem College. She is known for the innovative teaching methods and resources that she creates, when there is a dearth of material internationally, let alone locally, that is suitable for teaching our heritage.

She serves as vice-President of the Bund and through her hard, selfless work acts as a role model to those both younger and older than her. She is unflinching in furthering the Yiddish, Jewish and political work of the movement and tireless in arranging activities, organising other people and never overlooking small details, whilst always keeping an eye on the big picture. Despite any difficulties that lie in her path, she finds a way to achieve the communal end-goal. Her perseverance leaves others breath-taken in awe. This was typified when she co-chaired the In One Voice festival, the largest Jewish festival in Australia, and led it through some enormous challenges during Covid.

She does all her committee and community work as a volunteer, for whom organisational and communal success is all that matters. She is highly worthy recipient of recognition as a leading changemaker of the community.