Dr Breann Fallon is committed to delivering and advancing Holocaust education and research, endeavoring to ensure the lessons of the past are never forgotten as we move into the future. Across nearly 6 years at the Sydney Jewish Museum she spearheaded numerous projects including the creation of the SJM’s Youth Committee, peer-reviewed journal “Musings,” research fellowship program, HSC study days and teacher professional development offering. She has presented her research on pedagogical approaches for impactful Holocaust education to both museum and education professionals throughout the nation, helping to ensure quality Holocaust education is delivered across Australia.
Dr Fallon is an ambassador for the Jewish community and has gone above and beyond to create change for the betterment of all. Alongside other advocates and changemakers such as Michael Kirby AC CMG and Holocaust survivor Eddie Jaku OAM, Breann was an ambassador of the SJM’s “Be A Mensch” campaign. Ambassadors of this campaign encouraged personal responsibility and positive values across society, to create a world of mensches. She has also represented the community’s interests across radio and television, in particular in her freelance work at ABC Radio National.
Her dedication to the community is not only exemplified in the previous examples but in her role in creating long lasting change for generations to come. In 2023 Dr Fallon represented the community on the senate advisory panel for the federal bill to ban Nazi symbols in Australia. Dr Fallon fought for the expansion of the bill to include additional imagery, gestures and greetings in order to ensure comprehensive protection of the community. This bill was ultimately passed, combatting the spread of anti-Semitism in Australia into the future.
In her new role as Head of Programming and Exhibitions at the Melbourne Holocaust Museum Dr Fallon is looking forward to expanding her impact across education, public programs, collections and exhibitions.