Doron’s role within the Israeli Scouts, or “Hatzofim,” in Sydney is nothing short of remarkable. Doron embodies the essence of leadership, dedication, and community involvement. Her journey as a young leader within Hatzofim began during challenging times – the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. She arrived in Sydney in Year 9, far from her homeland of Israel. The north of Sydney brunch of the Israeli Scouts, known as Shevet Shahar, became her anchor, providing her with a touch of home and a supportive environment to adapt to her new surroundings. As a young leader, her contributions to the organization and its community have been nothing short of exceptional.
One of Doron’s most significant achievements is her ability to foster a deep sense of connection among the young members of Hatzofim. She recognized the importance of establishing bonds between the kids and their Israeli heritage, values, and culture. Doron’s presence bridged the gap between these kids and their roots, making them feel proud of their Jewish and Israeli identity.
Doron’s innovative approach to leadership brought about a host of creative ideas that invigorated Hatzofim’s activities. She organized activities and events that celebrated Israeli culture, all while integrating fun and education. Through dance, music, and games, she made the Israeli experience tangible for these young members.
Doron’s love for kids shines through in her work. Her dedication to their growth and development is evident in the personal touch she brings to her role. She not only imparts knowledge but also instils values and fosters a sense of belonging within each child.
Her natural charisma plays a vital role in her leadership. Doron’s warm and welcoming personality encourages the kids to actively engage in Hatzofim activities, making them feel comfortable and valued. She leads by example, inspiring others to follow her lead.

In conclusion, Doron’s role as a young leader in Hatzofim Sydney, her specific contributions, remarkable achievements, all reflect her dedication to fostering a sense of belonging, preserving cultural heritage, and nurturing the future leaders of the Jewish community in New South Wales. Her work is a testament to the power of leadership and community involvement in inspiring young minds and strengthening cultural ties.