Davi’s involvement with Bnei Akiva began at a young age, starting in year 2 when he first became part of the movement’s activities. As a participant, he consistently stood out due to his enthusiasm, sense of responsibility, and leadership potential. When he reached year 11, he took on roles as a young Madrich, Madatz, and led Bnei Akiva junior kids.

Following his gap year experience in Israel, Davi’s dedication to Bnei Akiva took on new dimensions. He transitioned into leadership roles as a Madrich, where his commitment and passion continued to shine. His journey within the organization exemplifies his unwavering commitment to the movement and its values.

Over the past three years, in addition to his Madrich role, Davi assumed various leadership positions. He served as the head of Minyan for two years, Head of security and head of Kitchen on camps. His involvement in Bnei Akiva goes far beyond words.

This year, Davi serves as the Merakez, the director of the movement. Since taking on this role, Davi ensures the movement is efficiently led. Davi is known for his ambitious dreams and leads the Hanhaga and the Madrich body of the movement with immense passion.

Thanks to Davi’s dedication and leadership, the movement is thriving. He has expanded the number of Chanichim (participants), invested in the personal growth of the Madrichim (counselors), and set high goals for himself. Despite the demanding nature of his role, Davi gives it his all, and his positive approach influences those around him.

In addition to his role at Bnei Akiva, Davi’s influence on the wider community is inspiring as he works at Moriah College as a Jewish life educator. His commitment to imparting knowledge and values goes beyond the classroom, where he works diligently to foster a sense of community and responsibility among his students.