Danya is a dedicated Madricha in our movement. Since she joined as a leader at the beginning of the year, she is setting a personal example to our Chanichim, she is running an amazing educational activities and she is building personal relationships with all of them. Danya is a dedicated Madricha who is always willing to help the movement in whatever needs.
Danya was our Medic on Winter camp (and will be the Medic on Juniors camp BH) and she done incredibly, supervising 200 people on camp and dealing with complicated cases with minimal sleeping hours.
In addition to her role as a Madricha, Danya is also Rosh Chessed, and she is coordinating activities for Bnei Akiva and the wider community organizations such as friendship circle etc ‘…
Danya is also volunteering in friendship circle for many years, she is part of the AUJS leading team and all this is in addition to her degree and her personal life.
Somehow, Danya is also managing to make time in her week to invest in her inner world and study Torah.