Most communities and synagogues know the challenge post bar and bat mitzvah of retaining and maintaining connection with their young community members with many boys and girls taking a break from their communal connection only appearing again at university age or later.
Why is this? There are many theories and explanations, but Chida Levitansky has taken on a mission to inspire, educate and rejuvenate young guys and girls in the early and late teen years to find the warmth, passion and energy within themselves for their heritage, connecting them to the past, to strengthen their connection to the future!
Not through guilt, burden or responsibility to our heritage but through fun, engagement, awareness, educational programs, amazing israel trips, workshops, inclusive events, and perhaps more importantly on his (and his wife’s) part complete dedication and commitment (boarding of sacrifice) to create a cool, active and welcoming environment and atmosphere for all Jewish teenagers, regardless of school, synagogue, communal or religious identity!
Most parents I know, tell me their kids go to Chida’s CTeen program!
That’s commitment, dedication and our future!