Baruch is passionate about patient-centred care and improving health outcomes. He has been involved in pre-hospital emergency care for almost a decade, through Ambulance services, the military, and the private sector.

Starting his healthcare journey overseas with the Red Cross, Baruch currently treats over 500 patients a year as a volunteer First Responder with Hatzolah – an Ambulance Victoria Community Emergency Response Team (CERT). His patients include those from diverse backgrounds, cultures and religions, including the Jewish community through his work with Hatzoah. He is an active volunteers for youth camps, including programs for young people with a disability.

Baruch served as a Chief Battalion Medic in the military, in a unit of over 750 personnel, overseeing operational planning and deployment to deliver medical care.

Alongside his university studies, he works in the medical training sector, including training members of the Australian Humanitarian Roster.

Baruch has been a volunteer medical emergency responder with Hatzolah Melbourne for over 2 years now. In real terms this means that Baruch has dedicated himself to be on-call 24/7 to attend medical emergencies within the community. Baruch has also volunteered additional times for assisting with training other responders as well as working on improvements for Hatzolah’s systems and procedures. This level of dedication for someone so young is truly outstanding.