Avishai Conyer is currently the Federal Mazkir of Netzer having previously held multiple positions in the movement including NSW Mazkir. He has given his heart and soul to the Jewish community, also being instrumental in starting Kol Nefesh, a monthly trans-generational Friday Night service held at Emanuel Synagogue that regularly brings in over 120 people of all ages. Additionally, he has been instrumental in crafting and leading the Youth/kids services at Emanuel Synagogue, now running weekly on Shabbat mornings.

Among his many accomplishments as a leader in Netzer:
• successfully driving the process of bringing not one, but two shilichot simultaneously to Australia this year, a project of many years in the making. Even without a shaliach in Sydney, Netzer has thrived because of Avishai’s drive and leadership.
• Vastly increasing the numbers of participants attending Netzer camps and regular activities
• Recreating the leadership of Netzer following his return from his Shnat year

His principled leadership speaks to his character. His emphasis on living a life infused with Jewish practice and values is an inspiration to countless Netzer Chanichim and other students over the years. His passion to improve the world is infectious.

Avishai stepped in to a post-Pandemic Netzer leadership that was severely impacted by two years of Covid related drops in numbers. In his nearly 2 years of leadership, not only have those numbers recovered, but have surpassed pre-pandemic levels.

Simply, Avishai is a generational talent, and while Nezter will continue to go from strength to strength because of his leadership and example, Avishai will be sorely missed in that role.