Aidan is an exceptional individual who has made a significant impact on the lives of many through his dedication to sport, in particular basketball. This is evident in the way he approaches his role as a volunteer mentor and coach.

Aidan has a long history of volunteering in sport. He has been a Maccabi Carnival youth leader on several occasions and travelled to Nepal in 2014 through the Mitrataa Foundation to teach young Nepalese students how to play basketball. He now continues his passion for basketball through volunteering on a weekly basis at Basketball NSW as a Network Coach and at Northern Suburbs Basketball Association as Junior Representative Coach. He also volunteered to coach an U16 Maccabi team this year.

One of Aidan’s standout qualities is his dedication to enhancing on-court skills while also nurturing the growth of well-rounded individuals. He believes that this holistic approach is crucial in developing not only talented athletes but also individuals with essential values such as respect, discipline, persistence, and unselfishness. By instilling these values in his athletes, Aidan is not only contributing to their success in basketball but also empowering them to be outstanding human beings.

Aidan is a very talented and experienced coach. His tireless efforts and genuine dedication to sport has led to some exceptional results. This year Aidan’s U14 representative team at Norths won the NSW State Championships and the previous year his team came 10th in the Basketball National Championships.

Beyond his official volunteer coaching hours, Aidan’s dedication is further demonstrated through his research, meticulous planning of training sessions, and the creation of an environment where individuals can thrive. He is very creative and innovative in his approach. His infectious passion for the sport creates a sense of inclusivity, fun, and empowerment among those he coaches and mentors. Aidan believes sport is essential to help with creating a sense of belonging and fostering friendships, and this is evident by witnessing the camaraderie amongst his team players and colleagues.

Aidan’s generosity knows no bounds, as he consistently offers his help to coach at various levels of basketball. His genuine care and mentorship extend to a wide spectrum of players, shaping their basketball journeys and personal growth. His decision to take a high school-aged team to the USA in December to provide them with exposure to college scholarships further highlights his commitment to inspire how basketball can be used as a vehicle for personal growth.

Aidan’s positive impact on youth through sport is remarkable. He is a great example of positive change and his commitment to volunteering for the Jewish community and community at large is exemplary.