Adam is a remarkably young man. He has achieved a lot for person relatively young in the field of humanities and his professional life. He founded ” Live Differently Production ” in 2021 with a passion for socially impactful filmmaking. He is both a director and producer having the insightful & powerful dialogue from his subjects- this being most effective – allowing him to capture the raw emotions and personal stories that bring his documentaries to life. He has a keen eye for detail.
Adam’s involvement spans a wide spectrum of Jewish organisations , including JCA, Jewish Care, Friendship Circle, Moving Forward Together, JNF, Launch Pad, Emmanuel, Shalom- Mount Sinai – Moriah Colleges, The Choice Foundation, Jewish House. His unwavering dedication to the Jewish community has left an undeniable mark on these organisations that he worked with. His selflessness and tireless efforts have made a profound difference in raising awareness and vital funds for their institutions. His ability to help organisations and connect to their donors to provide funds to operate successfully.
One of his most remarkable achievements was the creation of the film ‘One in Six’ in collaboration with the Australian Jewish Fertility Network. This outstanding production was voted as the #1 film of the year in 2022 for ABC’s Compass. It shed light on the struggle of couples grappling with fertility with compelling narrative and impactful storytelling – it struck chord with viewing resulting in an astounding $ 1.3 million in donations.
Over the last 8 years, Adam has directed and produced multiple of documentaries for networks such as ABC, SBS, Channels 7 & 9. Titles include award winning productions ‘It takes a Village’ – ‘Ride like an Anzac’ – ‘One in Six’ all which highlighted his commitment to evocative and human focused stories.
His latest work is producing a powerful and thought provoking documentary ‘Beyond the Divide’ – it delves into the complexities of interfaith relations and the ongoing struggle against racism and discrimination. It follows Hala Sbat, a 39 year old Australian Muslim woman, as she embarks on a journey of self-discovery and growth through the annual ‘March of the Living’. Viewing issues of xenophobia, islamophobia and anti-Semitism and their impact on global communities.
Adam is truly a person of vision, aiming and inspire for a more inclusive, harmonious world.

Beyond the Divide – Teaser
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