Sheila Lazarus

Sheila, leading JNForever for the last 30 years and kicking


Around 30 years ago, Sheila Lazarus started the JNF senior’s division on the North shore. Sheila originally visited each resident at Fernbank retirement village individually for a chat and to collect their Blue Boxes. After her third cup of tea in a morning, she decided to start group visits and so, the seniors teas began. In JNF’s 120th year, Sheila is still at the helm and, while the group’s name has changed to JNForever, she still runs it like a finely tuned machine!

From monthly coffee mornings with inspiring guest speakers to day excursions and trips further afield, JNForever provides an opportunity for the seniors in our community to connect, learn, debate and explore with like-minded people. Many close friendships have been formed along the way.  From Hobart to Darwin to New Zealand, JNForever tours have provided a safe opportunity over the years to discover places which may have otherwise been challenging to visit.

‘I don’t even ask Sheila what the destination is for the next trip, I just tell her to put my name down! Every trip is wonderful.’ says long time JNF supporter Rhona Adler.

Sheila Lazarus

Sheila Lazarus and her family