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Challenging times call for a reassessment of priorities.

Israel is in crisis. With a recession and high unemployment, the population is experiencing a second lockdown and COVID cases are through the roof. The situation is dire for the elderly, for single-parent families, for those suffering mental illness and the increasing numbers of economically disadvantaged.

In recognition of this and our community’s desire to provide assistance in these emergency circumstances, JNF Victoria’s leadership have taken the decision to redirect Blue Box Rosh Hashanah donations to Leket Israel. Leket is a national foodbank, rescuing nutritious surplus food for those in need. In light of the COVID pandemic, Leket is struggling to provide food for the growing numbers of vulnerable members in Israeli society.

The JNF Nitzana Ecological Park Project, which was chosen as our Blue Box campaign pre-COVID, remains an important commitment of JNF as it forms part of our core mission to continue to build and support communities in the Negev. The Nitzana project will be reinstated by JNF Victoria in the near future.

For now, we are responding to Leket’s urgent request for help. To date, Leket has provided Israelis in need with 1.8 million hot meals and 14,000 tons of fresh produce, but it is increasingly difficult to keep up with the growing numbers of Israelis in desperate need. The demand on Leket’s services has reached unprecedented levels from the severe challenges faced by the newly unemployed.

Please take a moment to hear Natali’s story, and the difference Leket has made in her life since she was stood down from her job as a result of COVID-19.

So we are calling on, our generous and valued supporters, to help Leket to provide a daily hot meal to elderly, isolated and families of the unemployed, who are most at risk.

We extend our deep gratitude and heartfelt thanks for your vital, generous support.

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Together we are providing a brighter future for Israel’s Negev communities and realising Ben Gurion’s vision

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