Kadesh Barnea Environmental Centre

Situated only 300 metres from the Egyptian border, Kadesh Barnea faces growing security threats from radical organisations active across the border, becoming one of Israel’s most vulnerable communities.

Despite the trying times, the families who live in Kadesh Barnea are even more resolved to survive and prosper. The community is united by their Zionist vision to settle the Negev, choosing to not only stay but to grow. They have become a symbol of resilience and growing prosperity in the face of adversity.

The community functions as the central hub of the region, providing services to all the neighbouring communities, and is a key component of the region’s demographic growth.

JNF is raising funds for the building of an Environmental Education Centre in the heart of Kadesh Barnea. The centre will offer courses, seminars, lectures and provide a safe space for community gatherings. It will also serve as a venue for children and youth movement activities.

The stability and fortification of Israel’s southern borders are dependent on the scope of the settlement in the region and the social and economic resilience of its communities.

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